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Welcome to the "Is It Just Me?" podcast with Layla K and MJ. This is the podcast about just about any topic where we ask the question, “Is It Just Me?"

May 3, 2023

Have you ever received an award, trophy or certificate and wondered, why did I even get that? Or see someone celebrate a certificate for completing a course? Not passing it mind you - just attending it. There are also some highly prestigious awards that occasionally become meaningless!

In this episode, LaylaK and MJ take a lighthearted look at some useless awards, and wonder why people seem to be proud to receive them. Or are they?

What is the most ridiculous award you've seen? Let us know in the comments!

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And remember, it may not be just you, but it could be!

Show notes:

Should We Give Every Child A Trophy? (Psychology Today)

Man Skipped Work For 6 Years And No One Noticed Until He Won An Award (HuffPost)

10 Most Bizarre Awards (Oddee)