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Welcome to the "Is It Just Me?" podcast with Layla K and MJ. This is the podcast about just about any topic where we ask the question, “Is It Just Me?"

Jan 31, 2024

Are some "True Crime: Dumb Criminal" stories just too funny to be true?

Well, LaylaK and MJ double checked the sources of all these stories for a  quick and entertaining look at crime gone wrong. These capers, a mix of bad intentions, bad planning, and pure arrogance, will definitely have you asking, “Is it just me?...

Jan 17, 2024

When one episode on diamonds just isn’t enough!


A few weeks ago we shared an interview with Mr. Louis Valentine, a gem industry expert. We learned how he entered the field and about his innovation: The Virgin Diamond™.


In part two of this interview, Louis tells us more about his innovations of this...

Jan 3, 2024

Nothing says "new year" like predictions! Layla K and MJ decided to invite friends of the podcast Jason Gilmore, Neville Waters, and Anita Scarlett to share their predictions, and make a few of their own.

Do you have any predictions for the year?  Drop us a comment on X, Instagram, Facebook or here.

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