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Welcome to the "Is It Just Me?" podcast with Layla K and MJ. This is the podcast about just about any topic where we ask the question, “Is It Just Me?"

Feb 1, 2023

Has your computer or phone even been hacked? What about a company you work for? It's certainly not just Layla K and MJ who have received a letter from a company warning us that our personal data has been compromised. But what does that mean exactly? Should we worry?

On the next episode they discuss the world of Cyber Security with a cyber expert, Mr. Saad Nabeel. He shares how hackers around the world are well organized, with companies, management, holidays and benefit plans - and even have help desks with friendly agents to guide you on how to pay them off in return for YOUR data.

Part 1 of this series (because one episode just wasn't enough!) drops Wednesday February 8th. Be sure to follow the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc., to never miss an episode. Fresh ones drop every two weeks.

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