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Welcome to the "Is It Just Me?" podcast with Layla K and MJ. This is the podcast about just about any topic where we ask the question, “Is It Just Me?"

Mar 16, 2022

Inflation rates hit a 40 year high, and is it just Layla K and MJ, or is it starting to feel relentless? Can we possibly avoid it??

In this ep we offer helpful perspective (and even a few laughs!) on how rising prices are affecting how we shop and live. Did we miss anything? Drop us a comment here or join the conversation on Instagram or Twitter.

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Show notes and links (if links don't appear in your media player, please see our website: ):

Bloomberg: Inflation pros from Argentina offer tips for rattled Americans

Bankrate: Warren Buffett Top Tips To Beat Inflation

Financebuzz: 9 Smart Things You Can Do Today To Beat Inflation

Politifact: California Gas Prices Going Up - But Not At $9 / Gallon In Early March, 2022

Californians hilariously mull their gas options on social media

Habitat for Humanity

St. Vincent de Paul - USA