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Welcome to the "Is It Just Me?" podcast with Layla K and MJ. This is the podcast about just about any topic where we ask the question, “Is It Just Me?"

Jun 15, 2022

We made it!  Our podcast has reached it's 20th episode, our Season 1 Finale. That means it’s time to look back! We are having an awards show, where we announce the best, the worst, the most fun, and of course, our personal favorites.

They may not be yours by the way! So tell us in the comments: what were your...

Jun 1, 2022

In our next episode, MJ brings up examples of policies with good intentions to protect us, but don’t really seem to be working well, such as the notorious Prop65 cancer labels. So is it just MJ, who thinks some acts with good intentions just don’t work out that way in the end? Have you come across any examples?

May 19, 2022

On ep15, we discussed Rise of the Robots (+ Humans) with our friend Didi (Diegane Dione), an expert in things robot and cobot. We try to make these podcasts pithy though, so what DIDN’T make it into that episode was this interesting conversation about AI (artificial intelligence).

Spoiler alert: Didi mentions "havoc"...

May 4, 2022

Recycling has long been touted as a panacea for maintaining a healthy planet earth. Layla K suggested we take a quick look back to examine how it all began and how it's taken hold on society.

Then we dare to ask the question: is recycling working? Have we found a way to create the “biosphere” of repurposed goods on...

Apr 20, 2022

It’s getting close to the end of the school year and the beginning of summer travels, so we decided to share our travel wisdom with our listeners. Or at least about 10 minutes worth of tales from the road!

Join us on Wednesday, April 27th, when Is It Just Me drops our Road Warriors episode, to help you prepare for the...